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Summer Reading

All Odyssey students will participate in a summer reading program. A summer reading program has several benefits to your child:

• It continues our school-wide focus on reading.

• It helps prevent or slow the gap in reading during the summer months.

• It helps maintain a connection to Odyssey during the break.

• It provides a goal/purpose for reading over the summer.

• It creates a shared goal with your child’s classmates and a starting point for the upcoming school year.

Below is a copy of your child’s Summer Reading Program requirements. Books are available through our school library, the public library, and at local and online bookstores. The reading(s) should be completed over the summer break and assignments are due within the first few weeks of school. Happy reading!

Click the link to access the Reading List and Activities.

2016 Odyssey Jr/Sr High Summer Reading Assignments

Students: Once you select a book from the Summer Reading List, please select an assignment to demonstrate your understanding of the text. This assignment is due at the end of the second week of school to your English teacher.


Put together a cast for a film version of your novel. Imagine the director/producer wants you, the casting director, to make recommendations for the actors and actresses playing each part of the story. Include photos and descriptions of the stars you choose to play each part. To convince the producer to hire your cast, explain why each actor/actress is "perfect" for the part in a 1-2 page casting report. At least one example of textual evidence should be used for each cast member. Use the Casting Report Rubric to guide your project.

Create an illustrated Time-Line of the important events in your novel. Illustrate the events of the day and provide a 3-4 sentence summary of each event on the timeline. At least one example of textual evidence should be used for each important date. Use the Timeline Rubric to guide your project.

Create a 1-2 page newsletter that covers all of the main storylines in your novel. The audience for the newsletter is your teacher and others who may not be familiar with the book. At least one example of textual evidence should be used for each section of the newsletter. Use the Newsletter Overview and Rubric to guide your project.


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