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Michele DeLaune
Phone Number: 321-733-0442
Email: delaunem@odysseycharterschool.com

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Odyssey Athletic Mission Statement, Objectives and Philosophy

The athletic program at Odyssey Charter School supports the holistic mission of the school by helping students' reach full potential and balance within all areas of their lives. High expectations are set for the student athletes as well as school coaches. Our goal is to teach the values of good citizenship, teamwork, leadership, pride, respect, commitment, healthy competition and sportsmanship. Our hope is that our students will develop through sports not only successful attitudes, but a desire for life-long healthy lifestyles.

To encourage all student-athletes to strive toward reaching full potential physically through the school's programs in physical fitness, healthy lifestyles, and school athletics.

• To encourage all students, regardless of ability, to develop their athletic skills.

• To develop good sportsmanship by teaching the student-athlete to accept victory or defeat in a gracious manner.

• To develop school spirit within each student-athlete.

• To encourage student-athletes to experience fun and enjoyment in their sport.

• To teach the student-athletes to experience fun and enjoyment in their sport.

• To teach the student-athlete the value of hard work and commitment.

• To provide the opportunity for each student-athlete to learn how to work as an effective member of a team.

• To develop an appreciation of the value of physical fitness and conditioning within each student-athlete.

Our program is designed to strengthen different abilities at each stage of development from the early grades to competitive sports in middle and high school.

Each student-athlete and coach shall be respected and challenged to be the best they can be, and inspired to become a contributing member of society.

It is our hope that athletics will be enjoyable, challenging, and rewarding.

We consider participation in athletics to be an integral part of the overall educational experience and unifying experience for all within the school community. As Jon Gerdy, a leading sports reformer, suggests: "Sports' ability to bring a community or school together cannot be overestimated. Our schools and communities would be much less vibrant without it." Athletics provides opportunities for physical, mental, emotional, and social development. The competition of athletics is viewed as a valuable experience because it challenges each student-athlete to strive for excellence, helps each student-athlete discover their physical limits, and requires each student-athlete to work cooperatively as a member of a team. While winning is a natural goal in the pursuit of excellence, the principles of good sportsmanship takes precedence at all times and enhances the valuable life lessons learned through competition.

OCS Athletic Policy

All students participating in athletics must be picked up no later than 15 minutes after the scheduled practice or game end time. If students are not retrieved in a timely manner, the student may be dismissed from participation in the activity for the remainder of the season. Coaches are compensated only for the activity time and need to be released to care for their families and business after activities end. Thank you for picking up students on time.

Students may also enroll in the aftercare program by completing an enrollment form for an additional fee. Students will not, however, be dropped in to aftercare after practices and games unless they are specifically enrolled in the program, but will remain with the coaches until picked up. The above policy will then apply regarding dismissal from participation if later pick up persists.

Thank you for allowing your student to participate in extra-curricular activities and we look forward to a great year.



Elementary Campus: 1755 Eldron Blvd. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-733-0442 • Fax: 321-733-1178
Jr./Sr. High Campus: 1350 Wyoming Dr. SE • Palm Bay, FL 32909 • Phone: 321-345-4117 • Fax: 321-372-7261

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